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Version 2.0 Communications

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Agency Overview
Version 2.0 Communications is a public relations and digital communications agency recognized as the smart choice for disruptors worldwide that must navigate a new era of communications to create or lead markets. Our skilled professionals leverage their years of experience, influencer relationships and innovative, creative and effective communications programs to achieve results that dominate in their markets. Version 2.0 works with a broad spectrum of clients from large consumer brands to professional services organizations and technology innovators. Our global reach allows us to design, manage and implement coordinated communications programs that are designed to deliver the greatest impact.
Services Overview
Public relations, content creation, social media, media relations, influencer relations, messaging and positioning
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Products and Services


Content is the new currency of digital media as brands are presented with the opportunity to craft relevant, useful and distinctly valuable assets that compel buyers to take action, and foster brand loyalty. Version 2.0 Communications believes great content in tandem with PR can maximize resources to move prospects from discovery to decision, as they consume content at every stage of the buying journey.
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The hallmark of a great communications campaign is the creative concept and execution that drives it. Well-executed content, based on compelling themes and delivered via the most effective channels, ensures that your story will be uniquely differentiated in a way that sticks. Version 2.0 Communications' capabilities include infographic creation, video production, and ebook creation and distribution.
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Influencer Relations

Industry influencers – people that your buyers listen to and learn from – are prominent voices across business industries and media platforms today. Whether they are bloggers, consultants, authors, academics or executives, Version 2.0’s Influencer Relations programs are designed to identify the influencers who matter most in your industry and engage these individuals in an impactful way.
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Media Relations

Version 2.0 partners with clients to develop and execute comprehensive media strategies driven by strategic business goals. They apply their knowledge of media markets to advance their creativity proactively. They don’t wait for news to develop – they create and doggedly pursue story lines that break through the market noise and capture the attention of your key audiences.
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Messaging and Positioning

With their Messaging and Positioning service, Version 2.0 Communications creates a story that sticks. Solid corporate positioning and consistent, compelling, credible messages are the foundation for every successful communications program. Version 2.0 Communications work with some of their clients to uncover and construct that foundation – and for all clients to ensure that the messages are communicated and understood, both internally and externally. They prepare company executives and marketing teams to act responsibly in their roles as brand stewards.
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Social Media

A sound social media strategy is critical to every PR program, and Version 2.0 believes in an integrated approach to PR and social media to ensure consistency across media platforms. At the outset, they work with clients to conduct an in-depth audit and evaluate their social sphere, determining which social channels and platforms to turn on or up for the greatest impact. They guide our clients to an understanding of how to leverage social media platforms as authentic engagement tools, providing services that span from from strategy to day-to-day tactical implementation.
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