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Gennevilliers, France
Company Overview
Adiict is a French software company that offers solutions for digital asset management, project management, and more.
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Products and Services

Adiict Chemin de Fer

Adiict Chemin de Fer is a publication production management solution. It allows you to ensure the complete follow-up of your titles in real time, from the creation of the railway, the design of the models or the verification of the files, until the delivery of certified pdf to your printers or the digital distribution.
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Adiict Digital Asset Management

Adiict's Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution allows you to centralize all of your company's assets, whatever their format: documents, source files, images, videos, pictograms, etc.
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Adiict Product Information Management (PIM NeoCat)

Adiict's Product Information Management (PIM NeoCat) solution is a full Web tool that allows you to centralize and rationalize all the data related to your products. Adiict PIM NeoCat allows you to update all your sales, marketing and communication channels: you thus considerably reduce the time to market, limit errors and gain in competitiveness.
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Adiict Project Management

Adiict Project Management allows you to centralise, on the same interface, all technical data and production-related files for an optimized user experience and efficient production monitoring.
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Adiict Web to Print

The Web to Print Adiict solution allows you to guarantee compliance with your graphic charter while delegating the customization of media and their production. You thus gain in agility while optimizing your printing costs.
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