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Anchor Software

Plano, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Anchor Software provides seamless Postal Processing, Data Quality, and Document Design software solutions for the Direct Mail/Marketing, Industry. These products provide nearly everything needed to create personalized documents, maximize postal discounts, and keep mailing lists in the best possible condition.
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Products and Services

Address Pro for Packages

AddressPro Parcel (AddressPro for Packages) solution offers address validation for real-time address correction, as addresses are being entered to ensure that the information corrected upon entry. Address information is corrected against USPS address data to validated and confirm the delivery address, suite information, rural street name conversion, and even apartment information. In addition, since some parcel shipping services charge a fee for residential delivery, this highly accurate solution will also provide a Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) so that you can calculate accurate prices based on this information.
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AddressPro is a robust and highly scalable address quality web service solution using Anchor Software’s proven address cleansing technology to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of address data across the enterprise.
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AddressVerifier instantly verifies or corrects individual addresses in real time using the USPS ZIP+4® database. This callable Application Programming Interface (API) easily integrates into most data entry or web applications that run on virtually any hardware platform.
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AnchorCoder Address Verification and Correction API

AnchorCoder Address Verification and Correction API enables marketers looking to verify customer data. Data may be collected through data imports, web interfaces, call center interfaces, contract administration, accounting, sales and marketing, point-of-sales, or other means. Customer data is an asset, and in many cases will ultimately be used for outbound communication, inbound identification, and business decision making.
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Anchor Software offers Rooftop GeoCoding to provide highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates. Rooftop geocoding enables businesses to assign latitude and longitude (lat/long) coordinates to customer addresses, allowing organizations to understand their customers better based on location. Latitude and Longitude coordinates also allow customer and constituent information to be visualized on a digital map. Businesses can use this information to direct customers to the nearest service point, enhance routing and delivery, and plan site location. Traditionally, most service bureaus offer lat/long coordinates based on ZIP+4®, not individual addresses. These ZIP+4 based coordinates are calculated on the center of the ZIP+4, and often weighted based on address density within the ZIP+4.
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IDQS integrates important and typical function sequences for data cleansing into a batch process. Customer data-related function blocks such as address conversion, postal validation, and GeoCoding are available as expert systems in 240+ country-specific program versions. The system supports the interactive definition of cleansing processes and the configuration of individual processing steps via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Defined process flows can be started and monitored via the GUI. IDQS is the hub of all cleansing projects as a software-supported assistant for the definition and control of batch processes. All process definitions as well as the status of the running processes can be directly controlled via the GUI.
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Lead Verifier

LeadVerifier provides USPS address verification/correction, email appends/verification, phone appends/verification, and demographic information to help professionals confirm and better qualify leads. The data covers consumer information, business and government name and address information, and billions of consumer opt-in email records and multi-sourced demographic data. LeadVerifier is a callable web service that can be accessed through existing applications to utilize data quality and data enhancement services.
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MaxCASS OS is Anchor Software’s CASS Certified software solution for standardizing United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery addresses, and updating mailing lists and customer databases with the most complete, correct, and current address information available. MaxCASS OS can be used for batch processing of large mailing lists, or in real-time mode for quick address look-ups. MaxCASS OS helps mailers achieve the lowest possible postage rates. The addition, validation, or correction of such data elements as the ZIP, ZIP+4, carrier route, delivery point, and eLOT codes allow mailers to submit mailings for all possible presort discount levels. MaxCASS OS is available with integrated MaxMover functionality. By integrating MaxMover, Anchor Software’s certified interface for the USPS NCOALink program, Anchor provides its USPS certified solution for address correction/standardization, and change-of-address processing in a single pass of mailing lists.
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MaxDup OS

MaxDup OS identifies and eliminates duplicate or redundant data using revolutionary pattern recognition techniques. MaxDup OS finds duplicates at the household, residential, and individual levels, and can employ additional criteria for elimination using the miscellaneous data field such as phone numbers, social security number, and area codes comparisons using phonetic or soundexing technology. MaxDup OS users can specify up to 2,048 different input files with 8192 unique list codes, of any file type with different layouts. Additionally, MaxDup OS has the capability to identify multi buyers at incredible speeds.
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MaxMover is a USPS NCOALink certified software interface that corrects mailing lists with regularly updated change-of-address information supplied by the USPS. It is fully compliant with all USPS regulations and it permits organizations to update their mailing lists and databases in the most efficient way possible.
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Post validates postal addresses using various error-tolerant algorithms and extensive reference tables to ensure that those records with valid postal codes, street names and house numbers are used. Address validation is available for more than 240 countries worldwide.
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