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Bold Metrics

Berkeley, California, United States
Company Overview
Bold Metrics got started in 2012 building machine learning and mathematical algorithms to make it possible for shoppers to get fitted for custom clothing without a measuring tape. By deploying a comprehensive set of machine learning and data science technologies for accurately predicting body measurements, Bold Metrics enables retailers, brands and innovation enthusiasts to unlock human body day to meet the demands of today's increasingly personalized world.
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Products and Services

Fashion Metric

Bold Metrics Fashion Metrics is 3D Human Body Model technology that makes it easy to predict accurate, detailed body measurements. Bold Metrics outputs over 90 unique body measurements, effectively eliminating the human error of self measurements and the hassle of scanning or selfies. With Bold Metrics, retailers and fashion brands can empower in-store and online shoppers with confidence in their purchase decisions by translating what they know about themselves to their true body measurements and ultimately their best size. Once the shopper inputs responses to 4‑6 simple inputs, custom machine learning algorithms create body models. Your product details, specs and design guidelines are integrated with the body measurements and preferences of the shopper. Bold Metrics delivers the shopper a highly personalized and accurate recommendation for the correct size in your product.
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