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Recommendation engines enable retailers to serve up relevant products that shoppers are most likely to buy. Tools may use shopper's region, age, gender, or previous buying history. 

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FINDMINE's "Complete the Look" technology creates complete outfits around each product. They blend the art of styling with the ease of automation to faithfully represent your brand at scale and help you answer "how do I wear this?" for every product ...
Contactless Fit™ is a first-to-market solution by Bold Metrics that easily integrates into your in-store experience to help shoppers find the right size without physical try-ons. In-store, a simple size recommendation isn’t enough, that’s why Contact...
By Avolin
SLI Systems is a cloud-based search platform that allows retailers to convert browsing into buying through product recommendations, using sophisticated machine learning to predict what each shopper is most likely to buy in a given moment. Ecommerce r...
By's personalization engine helps retailers grow revenue multi-fold with the power of A.I. that constantly learns and re-learns customer behavior as it relates to their business needs. allows every retailer to customize A.I. personalizatio...
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