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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Bond combines classic correspondence with modern convenience. They make it easy for anyone to send personal messages, heartfelt greetings and personal thank you notes using the latest in on-demand technology.
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Products and Services

Bond Black

Beautifully handwritten notes, on bespoke stationery, sent from your phone in seconds. Use Bond's iPhone app to write and send handwritten notes as quickly as a text message. Simply compose your note on the app and it will be written, stamped and delivered to your recipient. Preview your note after you compose it and see it exactly as your recipient will when they receive it. Your Bond Black app is personalized with your signature, handwriting, customized stationery and special occasions you would like to be reminded of. Check your note history any time and duplicate notes or send new notes to previous recipients. Share your sentiments on the world’s finest hand-engraved stationery, produced on 100% cotton notecards made in France, or compose your notes on beautifully printed stationery made using deluxe imported paper. Bond analyzes and digitizes your handwriting to enable you to send notes from anywhere in the world. Using their robotic technology, your note is written in your penmanship. If you are not a fan of your own handwriting, Bond will help you find a style more suitable to your liking and personalize it with your signature. Your personal concierge will help you find addresses, schedule your notes, remind you of special occasions, and support you for expedited delivery options. Your concierge will also help you find and send the perfect gift along with your note: a beautiful bouquet, a bottle of wine or some other token to make your recipient feel special.
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Bond Business Solutions

Sending all of your customers personalized, handwritten notes is as easy as sending an email with Bond's turnkey process and premier account management team. With open rates that near 100%, handwritten notes outperform even the most effective digital campaigns. Bond's proprietary robotic technology enables you to deliver a personal touch at scale. Every personalized, handwritten note is as unique as it is thoughtful. Bond helps the most successful companies across every industry–from retail to tech–acquire, retain and engage customers in meaningful ways.
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