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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Company Overview
CapStone is a business engineering firm assisting clients to improve and secure processes. Our approach blends the problem-solving mentality of an engineer, the business insight of an executive and the implementation skills of a seasoned project manager to deliver meaningful results. The results are consistent: The elimination of non-value-add activity to create lasting value.
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Products and Services

AutoViri Auditor

AutoViri Auditor is a direct mail tool leverages the audit trails created by AutoViri Builder and/or AutoViri Monitor to more easily appeal USPS Mailer Scorecard postage assessments and/or improve operations. Allows you to compare the actual USPS Mailer Scorecard drill-down data with your AutoViri audit trail data to dispute a penalty. Equips your Mailer Verification Assessment Evaluator (VAE) with the tool and data for timely and favorable resolution of USPS additional postage assessments
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AutoViri Builder

AutoViri Builder prevents 12 types of USPS Mailer Scorecard errors by helping to ensure that your operation’s actual physical mail matches the digital postage eDocs submitted.
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AutoViri Monitor

AutoViri Monitor automates the prevention and detection of at least 17 types of USPS Mailer Scorecard errors.
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