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Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
Company Overview
Collibra helps organizations around the world gain competitive advantage by maximizing the value of their data across the enterprise. Collibra is the only solution purpose-built to address the gamut of data stewardship, governance, and management needs of the most complex, data-intensive industries.
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Products and Services

Collibra Data Governance Center

Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first. Collibra Data Governance Center allows enterprises to create a catalog of data so you know what you have, what it means, where you find it, and who you can call about it. Collibra also enables the use of interactive data lineage diagrams to visually explore everything about the data, including business terms, policies, issues, relationships, and direction. Establish a data help desk to identify and resolve data issues quickly–building confidence in your data sources. Link to data sources, business applications, data lakes, and metadata from across your enterprise with pre-built integration templates.
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