Enterprise Data Security

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Enterprise Data Security tools enable data stewardship for all data, regardless of size, format, or platform.

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The Dairy Management System is used to manage dairy, members, customers, milk collections from members, sales to his customer and plant and many other things.
DocAve Archiver is a tool for records management. DocAve Archiver enables enterprises seeking to automate records and content lifecycle management for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online. Define records and retention periods by custom properties ...
By Akamai
Edge Cloud is a suite of Akamai tools that help streamline and secure the delivery of data to connected devices and in-application messaging at scale. Edge Cloud is designed to serve the needs of businesses bringing billions of endpoints online as pa...
Informatica Data Quality provides data stewardship for all data, regardless of size, format, or platform.
Loggly is a cloud-based, enterprise-class log management platform, serving more than 10,000 customers including one-third of the Fortune 500. The Loggly service integrates into the engineering processes of teams employing continuous deployment and De...
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud an enterprise cloud data warehouse combining data management processes with advanced analytics. Built with SAP HANA Cloud Services, it unites heterogeneous data in one solution, maintaining the security, trust and richness of...
By Tail
TailTarget is a data management platform (DMP) with a complete suite for data activation and business insights. Tail analyzes millions of anonymous Internet users from their real time browsing behavior data, throughout the whole Latin America and US ...
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