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Data Resolve

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Company Overview
Data Resolve is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end points, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms.
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Products and Services


inDefend analyzes employee behavior patterns and sets up controls to proactively defend your organization against data leakage.
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MobSec Business

MobSec Business is a secure mobile device management solution. MobSec Business is designed to provide you a compelling solution for challenges surrounding data loss prevention, device management, employee productivity and monitoring. MobSec seamlessly integrates your workforce with mobile devices, with utmost defense against data leak.
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Secure Email Gateway

Secure Email Gateway (SEG) enables a secured approach for the sensitive content going through the corporate email channel to any third party, via agentless approach. SEG is empowered to provide you with the capability to monitor and block outgoing emails through a gateway based approach.
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Secure Printer Gateway

Secure Printer Gateway (SPG) was created to prevent potential data leakage from printer gateways. Regulate access to printing of documents within the corporate environment to prevent unauthorized access, misuse and theft of critical documents.
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