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Digital Turbine

Austin, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Digital Turbine aims to deliver the right app to the right person at the right time, around the world.
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Products and Services


Monetize your app or mobile website by placing targeted ads alongside your content. Digital Turbine's vast advertiser network offers campaigns of all kinds, giving you the volume and quality you need to meet your revenue goals. Digital Turbune's robust ad network offers non-incentivized, relevant ads to your users.
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Ignite is a dynamic preload platform for mobile operators to seamlessly manage applications installed at first boot and over the life of the device. With Ignite software, applications are delivered to mobile devices from the cloud via zero-rated data. This reduces lead times and enables mobile operators to deliver more timely and targeted applications versus the traditional preload process of selecting and certifying applications months in advance. Delivering the right app at the right time to the right customer improves engagement. And with Ignite, users are not locked in to any apps: they can choose which apps to keep and which to delete. Mobile operators can tailor installation and notification processes. Flexible features include notification, campaign, and shortcut tools that can be customized.
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Digital Turbine Pay lets mobile customers seamlessly purchase goods and services. As they shop from mobile websites and apps, charges can be safely applied via direct carrier billing to their mobile phone bill. With direct connections to a growing list of mobile operators across multiple countries, Digital Turbine Pay ensures your mobile apps and services have a secure way for customers to spend money with you, straight to their mobile bill. All compliance and mobile operator approvals are managed as part of the service.
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