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Mobile Marketing describes marketing specifically tailored to smart phone and tablet users, leveraging the format and technology only available on those devices, such as geo-location, proximity mapping, hyper-local alerts. Mobile marketing tools are uniquely able to provide consumers with time and location sensitive, personalized ads, messages and alerts that promote goods and services while the user is within close proximity to a buying opportunity.

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360dialog is an ultra-customizable mobile messaging platform that engages and re-engages customers individually with personalization features for push notifications, In-App Messages and Ads. Deliver personalized messaging through your mobile and desk...
Accengage is a push notification solution for mobile apps and websites.
By Acesse
Acesse Mobile is a site builder designed for the non-techie that wants an easy way to create an appealing mobile site in a matter of minutes. Upload any URL into Acesse Mobile's site builder and all content is collected for a flawless transition into...
By MetaX
adChain is an open protocol on the public Ethereum blockchain that allows for the building of decentralized applications for the $175 billion digital advertising ecosystem.
By Adobe
Adobe XD is the all-in-one cross-platform solution for designing and prototyping mobile apps and websites. Created by designers for designers, Adobe XD delivers the necessary speed, precision and quality to go from static comps or wireframes to fully...
  Compare is a mobile microsite builder with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Everything is online so there is nothing to download. Whether the microsite is for a campaign, newsletter, tutorial or any other content, makes it easy to create and ...
Wizeline AI Chatbots are designed to improve the customer experience, driving engagement and conversions by enabling customers to interact with you via messaging apps they already use. A Natural Language Processing (NLP) layer receives the customer's...
Alert Solutions provides cloud-based multi-channel messaging communications for customers in education and healthcare, leveraging a robust platform of email, voice, fax and SMS text messaging technology.
Alpha Anywhere is a complete RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development) tool designed to enrich, simplify and speed up business app development and deployment. The Alpha Anywhere environment enables developers to rapidly create offline capable, mobile-optim...
By Amazon
Amazon's iPhone app allows users to browse, check prices, and more on the Amazon platform from an iOS device. In 2017 the app was updated to include Amazon Spark, an Instagram-like platform with shoppable content.
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