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This section contains both social media platforms and advertising tools used to market on those platforms.

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Continuum is a web3 marketing platform that helps brand increase revenue, engagement and retention. We work with businesses to create educational content related to their business's product or service and distribute it across our network. Adverti...
Pinterest Pincodes is designed to bring QR codes to the Pinterest platform. Retailers or publishers can produce QR codes that can be scanned on mobile devices that then link directly to products, boards or profiles on Pinterest.
Snap Ads offers the best in mobile video ads. Snap Ads always begin with an up to 10-second full screen vertical video ad that appears in the context of other Snaps. You can also give Snapchatters the choice to swipe up and see more, just like they d...
By Tapps
Upload, style, and share your digital content to create a mobile page for easy access from any device with no coding. With Tapps, you can build and publish branded content in minutes - no coding required. Save it to your home screen like an app for i...
WhatsApp is an app for sending and receiving text messages, voice messages, calls, photos and videos on smartphones. Uses smartphone Internet connection to message and call. Send unlimited images, video and audio media messages. End-users may enable ...
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