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Snap Inc.

Los Angeles, California, United States
Company Overview
Snap is a camera company that provides Snapchat, a mobile application that allows individuals to snap photos and videos, edit, and share with their friends or to their Snapchat story. Event marketers can host public Snapchat stories and encourage attendees to post photos and images. Businesses can pay to have an ad for their product placed on any public story to be seen by Snapchat's 30 million active users.
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Products and Services

Lens Studio

Lens Studio by Snap Inc. allows you to create your own magical AR experiences, and share them on the most used augmented reality platform in the world.
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Snap Ads

Snap Ads offers the best in mobile video ads. Snap Ads always begin with an up to 10-second full screen vertical video ad that appears in the context of other Snaps. You can also give Snapchatters the choice to swipe up and see more, just like they do elsewhere on Snapchat. Swiping up reveals extended content like a long form video, article, app install ad, or mobile website.
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Snap Kit

Snap Kit allows developers to integrate Snapchat features into their own website, and their apps onto Snap properties. Developers may integrate their own stickers, filters, links, and more right into Snapchat’s camera. Creative Kit lets Snapchatters bring highlights from outside apps — like high scores, workout stats, or new playlists — right into the Preview screen, so they can add their own touch and share it with friends. Snapchatters can link their Snapchat account to developer apps, and bring their Bitmoji avatar with them.
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Snap Publisher

Snap Publisher by Snapchat is an ad creation tool for converting horizontal videos and websites into vertical video ads compliant with the Snapchat platform. Snap Publisher works with the Snapchat self-service tool Snap Ad Manager to help marketers repurpose ads built in the horizontal format for the vertical Snapchat platform.
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Snapchat is a social video messaging application that enables individuals to snap photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of friends. Your shared photographs and videos ("Snaps") are sent real-time, and timed to auto-delete, or you can use the Infinity setting to remove the timer. Over 100 million people use Snapchat every day to "Snap" with family, watch Stories from friends, participate in live and virtual events from around the world, and explore expertly-curated content from top publishers.Snapchat's feature, Spotlight, enables creators to upload original work to be eligible for a share of the revenue generated.
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Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat’s Lenses allows brands to offer three-dimensional objects that may be inserted into user videos shot with the rear-facing camera. Objects are animated, and can be moved and resized to fit the scene, and can appear as virtual reality masks or objects that interact with the people in the videos.
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