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Odense, Odense, Denmark
Company Overview
Digizuite (formerly DigiEyeZ) provides a leading digital asset management system, Digizuite DAM, that helps companies optimize their digital workflows through automated and intelligent processes.
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Products and Services

DigiZuite Media Manager

DigiZuite Media Manager is a digital asset management platform. DigiZuite is a centralized system that allows organizations to organize, manage, search, edit, metatag and distribute all digital media content including images, videos and documents. Users define access rights to their digital assets based on individual users, groups or roles. DigiZuite is accessible on mobile devices, enabling easy uploading, modifying and sharing digital files from a single source.
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DigiZuite Video Portal

The Digizuite Video Portal stores videos in one centralized location. By the use of adaptive bitrate, it automatically optimizes videos playback quality based on the internet performance for an positive user experience. The solution also includes an “always on” smartphone portal for recording video from anywhere.
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