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Engagement Labs

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Company Overview
Engagement Labs is a Big Data analytics company based in Toronto, Canada with offices located strategically worldwide. Their flagship product is eValue analytics, a SsaS-based Intelligent Data-on-Demand platform for brands and agencies. eValue is purpose-built to provide metrics to measure social performance and ROI for brands to evaluate and coordinate social media activities across all online channels.
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Products and Services


eValue is a social media analytics and competitor benchmarking tool that aggregates everything a brand does on the social web and distills it into a single, meaningful number - an eValue score.
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TotalSocial is a patent pending data and analytics platform, uniquely providing leading brands with a comprehensive view of the social ecosystem and its impact on their business. TotalSocial incorporates an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine designed to accelerate the identification of opportunities and strategies for marketers who seek to increase effectiveness and drive sales through social media and offline word of mouth conversations.
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