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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Company Overview
Equals 3 believes the best results occur through “Man-Machine Symbiosis” – the idea that an individual can benefit from the power of technology to be stronger than the individual, and stronger than the technology, alone. Its latest product, Lucy, is a cloud-based supercomputer designed to help Fortune 1000 brands and the agencies that serve them solve today’s biggest marketing problems across research, segmentation and planning.
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Lucy helps understand audiences, segmentation, and media planning. Lucy digs through mountains of unstructured content with lightning speed, accelerating breakthroughs by making connections and drawing relationships between different sources of information. Lucy combines the best of manual research and automated tools, developing segments from research that's based on insights through cognitive entity extraction – a completely new concept that leads to deeper insights and new discoveries. Lucy analyzes social, research and your data to find the right channel to deliver your message. She'll recommend the right channel, whether traditional or digital, and she'll use various analytical and visual approaches to help you explore the pros and cons of each alternative.
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