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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Company Overview
Equifax is the oldest credit reporting agency in the United States, its primary offering being credit reports that provide background information on the credit and payment history of individuals and businesses. Equifax data is used by businesses to assess credit risk and decide what level of products or services to offer their customers, and on what terms. In addition, Equifax features nearly 200 compiled data products from consumer reports to social security number verification.
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Products and Services


The massive suite of consumer and business data available from Equifax enables businesses to advance an array of business needs, including customer acquisition, analytics and benchmarking, prevention of fraud and debt recovery.
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Response Digital

Response DIGITAL is a platform enabling customers to purchase products online. Response Digital enables enterprises to acquire and onboard new consumers in a digital environment, ensure secure digital access to accounts, provide digital capabilities for essential commercial activities, target and acquire new customers via digital channels while minimizing costs.
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