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Madrid, Spain
Company Overview
everis, an NTT DATA Company, is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services. The company currently relies on 17,000 professionals working in our offices and high performance centers located in 15 countries Being part of the NTT DATA group, the sixth IT services company in the world, with 100,000 professionals, allows everis to expand its solutions and increase its capabilities and technological, geographic and financial resources to offer the most innovative answers to their customers.
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Products and Services

ehCOS Analytics

ehCOS Analytics helps you get the most out of your organization, clinically and financially, by exploiting the data to transform it into comprehensible and quality information.
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ehCOS CLINIC is your electronic health record solution. All hospitals are not equal, so successful health Information technology implementation depends largely on the integration of these solutions into their own technology adoption pathway. The flexibility of ehCOS CLINIC allows the organization to scale according to its own situation. To this end, the product features different versions that adapt to the current level and is easily scalable to higher levels.
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ehCOS Value Explorer

ehCOS Value Explorer enables you to measure conditioned-based outcomes in different perspectives such as clinical, financial, process improvement, learning and growth, employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction. It facilitates decision-making due to its easy way of showing outcomes on the screen. It reduces machining time and the risk of error. ehCOS Value Explorer integrates automated and standardized processes for capturing data from EHRs, billing systems, and more.
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