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Inglobe Technologies

Rome, Lazio, Italy
Company Overview
Inglobe Technologies is a leading Augmented Reality (AR) innovator. Developer of the popular ARmedia AR platform, Inglobe focuses on applied research, and has established strong collaboration relations with some of the world's leaders in Computer Vision and Immersive Technologies.
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Products and Services

ARmedia SDK

ARmedia SDK is a state-of-the- art software development toolkit that helps developers create Augmented Reality applications quickly and effectively. A unique 3D model tracking approach simplifies simple to very complex AR projects. The SDK provides recognition and tracking tools including 3D Object, Planar, Location and Motion Tracking. ARmedia applications are not only capable of recognizing planar images and locations, but also complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry. ARmedia SDK makes it possible to create advanced applications and systems that scale in different application domains. Thanks to its modular design, you can integrate the ARmedia SDK with any 3D Engine and Authoring Environment such as Unity 3D and Open Scene Graph.
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HyperIndustry is an AR-based workforce optimization tool for dynamic, real-time equipment set up and repair. With HyperIndustry, companies can provide techs with paperless AR instructions through mobile devices, wearables and smartglasses. By pointing the camera towards equipment, object recognition is enabled, and the worker can instantly access procedures that provide contextual information including 3D highlights, pictures, videos and documents. Easily create and assign configure and repair procedures by means of an intuitive web-based interface.
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