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Portland, Oregon, United States
Company Overview
Janrain specializes in Customer Identity solutions, featuring a product line of registration, sign-on, log-in and customer profile data storage platforms.
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Products and Services

Consent Lifecycle Management

Following Privacy by Design best practices, the Janrain Consent Lifecycle Management allows brands to obtain fine-grained, informed and unambiguous consent from consumers, helping businesses to comply with regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Janrain Consent Lifecycle Management provides customizable fine-grained consent forms that make it easy and clear for users to understand which attribute groups and purposes they are providing explicit consent towards, and which ones they are not. These consent request forms can be invoked whenever the context requires it and additional consent needs to be obtained: for example, if a new service or product that is offered to the customer requires the collection of additional personal data. End-users can go back to their consent declarations at any time for review, validation, revocation, or other changes; this process resembles the familiar user experience known from setting or revoking access permissions for 3rd party applications on mobile devices or social media sites. Janrain Consent Lifecycle Management allows businesses to have all consent-related information on file that is required to satisfy various regulatory and audit requirements by demonstrating that consent was given. To support passing data between systems, Janrain provides clients an API endpoint that respects end-users’ fine-grained consent preferences, allowing for data minimization—taking over only the data needed for stated purpose and consented to share—which is a Privacy by Design best practice.
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Identity Central

The Customer Identity Management Platform enables companies to provide comprehensive customer registration, authentication, single sign-on, preference and consent management, as well as self-service account recovery. The solution collects, stores and manages first-party registration and profile data, third-party social profile data and rich behavioral engagement data so you can create robust customer identities at the individual level. Identity Central is updated to the newer OpenID Connect 1.0 protocol, and provides pre-made customizable interfaces that Janrain hosts.
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Janrain Advanced Policy Manager

Janrain Advanced Policy Manager makes it easy and intuitive to define and administer access control for both technical and non-technical users, while allowing rules at a high level of granularity – across all of your sites, inside and outside your organization. Access policies for content behind your paywalls, restrictions for certain ages, user types, regions or similar criteria, can now easily and efficiently be defined, enforced and managed.
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