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New York City, New York, United States
Company Overview
Jeeng an OpenWeb company, formerly known as PowerInbox, is revolutionizing email marketing with dynamic, real-time email content and monetization tools that help marketers dramatically boost campaign engagement & ROI. In 2023 Jeeng was acquired by OpenWeb.
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Products and Services


InboxChoice joins select partners in a platform that routes approved native and display ads to opened emails from qualifying publishers in real time. InboxChoice, like PowerInbox’s AdServer for Email, uses RevenueStripe technology, already in use by dozens of leading online publishers, including CNN, Tribune and Wiley. RevenueStripe inserts hyper-targeted, live-on-the-open dynamic content into each email, ensuring fresh, relevant advertisements.
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Jeeng Email

Jeeng Email is a fully automated, personalized email content delivery platform for publishers. Jeeng Email is powered by the company’s Jeengage® AI-driven algorithm that gets to know subscribers and automatically delivers the content they want based on their known preferences and online behavior. Publishers simply embed a single line of code into their website and Jeengage goes to work, curating content and matching it with subscribers.
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RevenueStripe’s dynamic, personalized content recommendation platform is an effective way to drive new revenue and better engage your users. With its sophisticated data algorithms and content matching capability, RevenueStripe provides insight into the type of content that your customers want to see and adds a new revenue stream at no cost to you – no minimums or fees. RevenueStripe ads are OS and platform agnostic to perform flawlessly on every device, email program and service provider and at any scale.
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