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Spokane, Washington, United States
Company Overview
Over 11 years ago, we set out to become the premier third-party seller. Along the way, we needed more sophisticated tools to help us operate with quality and efficiency at scale. So, we built them.
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Products and Services


AdManager is a self-service Amazon cost per click advertising tool. AdManager uses AI to automate the management of Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, which minimizes wasted ad spend, increases relevancy, and maximizes return on investment. AdManager fine tunes your Amazon PPC marketing machine in Seller Central and Vendor Central to drive unprecedented results, growing sales while cutting costs to maximize profitability.
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Channel Auditor

Channel Auditor identifies and files reimbursement cases with Amazon for mishandled inventory. Channel Auditor uses artificial intelligence to identify and manage cases for you, complying with each case’s unique allowance window.
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Dropship Optimization

Take a more aggressive, targeted approach to your catalog through Kaspien Dropship. Our program expands your brand presence across major marketplaces, captures additional sales, and enables you to respond quicker to consumer demand to maximize sales opportunities. Leverage our proprietary dropship software for hassle-free integration with your existing system. It offers custom transaction mapping, automated SKU creation, automated MAP-adherent repricing, and access to multiple marketplaces. And to make it even better, we can also set up a dropship integration quicker than anyone else.
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Perispect is a brand protection tool that allows brands to track sellers and pricing across online marketplaces. Perispect identifies which sellers are selling your product and alerts you when your price policy has been violated, giving you the power to take action.
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