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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Company Overview
Lucidea is a leading provider of knowledge management solutions. Lucidea is on a mission to redefine how knowledge is shared. Lucidea has provided the infrastructure to help information-intensive organizations collect, organize, and leverage corporate knowledge for over 30 years.
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Products and Services


Argus is Lucidea's flagship flexible, extensible collections management system platform for museums and galleries. Argus is built to enhance curation, and to significantly expand outreach and access via the Web, enriching the experience for both in-person and virtual visitors. The integrated system facilitates operational efficiency and partnerships between Collections, IT, faculty, and other departments, while ease of use and minimal training time results in rewarding volunteer opportunities and increased productivity.
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CuadraSTAR was developed to serve multiple information management needs in libraries, information centers, archives, museums, records centers, and publishing organizations. Organizations use CuadraSTAR to help them manage their mission-critical and cultural heritage information because of its comprehensive functionality and excellent customer service.
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Eloquent Archives

Eloquent Archives enables archivists to build their database of legal and historical material, both physical and digital, and express it online for public viewing, while effectively managing workflow from accessioning to requests. This mobile-friendly, browser-agnostic archives management solution has all the powerful features you expect, plus it allows you to quickly go public with your most interesting collections and offer material about current and future events to attract public interest—making your archives a dynamic resource.
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The Inmagic suite of products offers Web-based Integrated Library Systems (ILS) for single libraries and multi-site libraries needing a single catalog covering multiple collections, as well as a knowledge management platform that helps organizations capture, access and distribute information to improve effectiveness.
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LawPort is the industry proven, premier legal intranet software and SharePoint accelerator that empowers law firms to maximize information resources investments, maps tightly to attorney workflow, and integrates with critical finance, document management and CRM systems.
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LookUp Precision

LookUp Precision is the powerful digital resource cost management and recovery system that enables knowledge intensive organizations to extract maximum value from online information resources, reduce costs, and bring transparency to the purchasing process. LookUp Precision enables users to manage each online resource portfolio and make evidence based decisions that maximize the value of your information services investments.
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The Sydney library management system delivers both traditional and advanced library automation functionality, unified with next generation knowledge management capabilities.
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