Arts & Museum Management

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Arts & Museum Management tools support curation and management of collections for museums, galleries and universities. Some tools include support for virtual galleries, or enable volunteer and staff management.

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Altru is a ticketing, membership, and fundraising platform for general admissions organizations. Altru can support marketers by providing a platform for consolidating admissions, membership, fundraising, merchandise, marketing, and more in one revolu...
Argus is Lucidea's flagship flexible, extensible collections management system platform for museums and galleries. Argus is built to enhance curation, and to significantly expand outreach and access via the Web, enriching the experience for both in-p...
Tessitura is a CRM built for the arts industry. a fully-integrated, single database for ticketing, admissions, CRM, marketing, fundraising, memberships, business intelligence, and real-time web and mobile transactions.
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