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NamLabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Company Overview
Our SaaS-based solutions empower both small & large companies worldwide with data insights to respond intelligently to critical disruptions and provide an exceptional customer experience. We help companies build and deliver the best possible web experience to their customers by offering comprehensive monitoring solutions. We are committed to making the internet a better place. Atatus - Atatus is a Full Stack Observability Solution that helps to find all the Performance bottlenecks of your applications and optimizes your app to deliver the best digital experience to your users. You can monitor, troubleshoot & diagnose problems across your infrastructure.
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Products and Services


Since most of the companies are marking its digital presence in the digital era, the efficiency of app & web app determines their success. Atatus helps you to get real-time app performance insights to resolve all the issues. Atatus helps you optimize your application at the right time with its real time analytics: it enables you to drill down into transactions; find slow database queries quickly in large architecture schemas; look into groups of calls that affect request time - specific to individual requests. Start seeing hidden API failures you were experiencing in production but couldn't see until now. Start tracking releases with confidence because you can see how each deployment impacts end users on a host of systems. Immediately identify high priority incidents on your favourite notification system; view logs as well as infrastructure metrics
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