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NAV IT Consulting Service

Bonn, Germany
Company Overview
NAV stands for Navigation (or to navigate). We steer our customers to success through the rough route of complex processes and IT landscapes. We provide Process consulting and Solution development services, enabling clients to discover the benefits of SAP’s Digital Supply Chain Platforms and Microsoft Power Platform.
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Products and Services

Business Network for Logistics

SAP Business Network for Logistics is designed for companies of all sizes, from small and medium businesses to large multinational corporations. It is an ideal platform for companies that are looking to streamline their logistics operations, improve their supply chain visibility and gain insights into their operations. By leveraging the full potential of the SAP Business Network for Logistics, companies can improve their supply chain performance and reduce costs.
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Extended Warehouse Management (SAP-EWM) Consulting Services

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system is a powerful tool for managing warehouse operations. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing the entire warehouse process from receiving, storing, and picking goods, to managing inventory and shipping. With the help of EWM, companies can improve the efficiency of their warehouse operations and gain control over their inventory.
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SAP S/4 Hana

It is designed to provide real-time analytics and insights into business operations and enables businesses to streamline their processes and drive growth. S/4HANA offers a range of features such as financial management, supply chain management, inventory management, production planning, and customer relationship management.
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Transportation Management Consulting Services

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is a comprehensive transportation planning and execution solution that helps organizations optimize their global logistics operations. It enables companies to plan, execute, and monitor freight movements across multiple modes of transportation, including road, rail, air, and sea. With SAP TM, organizations can manage their transportation processes more effectively, reduce operating costs, and improve customer service.
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