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Order Management tools enable brands, customers and vendors to automate the process of selling and receiving the right tools at the right time. This category includes customer-facing tools as well as tools for brands. For supply-chain solutions, see Supply Chain Management. 

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Deposco’s Bright Suite is a cloud-based, order management and fulfillment software application set that optimizes supply chain operations. Bright Suite offers e-commerce, retail and omni-channel capabilities, that drive revenue growth, improve servic...
Cloud Omnichannel Order Management System provides single, global view of all inventory so allowing retailers to optimize their fulfillment process by selecting the best shipping locations. Openbravo OMS key capabilities include global stock visibili...
Colletec allows you to manage online orders collected from your stores. Reduce fulfillment costs, increase customer satisfaction & add sales. Collectec make picking or collecting any order fast, efficient and more profitable.
By Confiz
Core is a completely role-based, socially aware, and secure framework designed to deliver a unified experience across all platforms. Core serves as a completely configurable canvas that readily adapts to your daily application use – fully enabled wit...
By Dezdy
Dezdy is an augmented reality mobile eCommerce solution. Your customers can order/reorder in seconds with the flexibility to order from your website, Dezdy mobile or TV apps. Manage and fulfill orders using the web based Dezdy Portal.
By Doddle
The Doddle platform manages incoming orders and returns, generates labels and barcodes to enable staff to process parcels, and creates QR codes and pulls in tracking information to be sent to customers.
HotWax Commerce is an asset-lite model omnichannel retail solution that allows commerce companies to take ownership of strategies, operations, and customer experience in order to maximize revenue at scale.
IBM Sterling Order Management provides order orchestration through a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub to support omni-channel fulfillment. It helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, impro...
ICEorder is an exchange service that facilitates sending orders - after approval - to your suppliers. Your supplier picks up the orders (order picking in warehouse, fullfilment, delivery) and responds to you with order status messages. This is the in...
Ignition Order Management System (OMS) is a comprehensive suite of solutions that drives your sales strategies. It is an omni channel suite with purpose-built applications running on a single database for all channels and form factors. Whether on a...
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