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Optimal Workshop

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
Company Overview
Optimal Workshop provides a suite of usability study tools that efficiently improve the usability, findability and user satisfaction associated with websites and intranets around the world.
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Products and Services


Chalkmark offers first click testing of screenshots and visual designs. The solution increases customer conversion and task oriented success rates by getting quick feedback on designs before they are implemented or updated.
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Used by information architects, web designers and content writers, OptimalSort is an online card sorting tool offering a way to design information architecture, workflow, menu structure or website navigation paths. Card Sorting is a traditional user experience tool formerly conducted on index cards, updated for online.
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Reframer is user testing software that collects every observation in a real-time, distraction-free environment and reveals themes. The platform improves the traceability of UX research, the discovery of patterns and themes, and the effectiveness of a team.
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Treejack is a usability testing tool that taps the usability technique known as tree testing, which focuses on the findability of topics in a website. This method of usability testing is also known as reverse card sorting or card-based classification.
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