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Noida, India
Company Overview
PCS prides itself for having been at the forefront of technical advancement and providing superior quality, next generation, user friendly, technical solutions. We are into the business of offering customized business solutions for all sorts of commercial requirements.Supported by strong technical team, we have the experience to resolve diverse application problems and the expertise to meet the needs of even the discerning customers. Our systems integration expertise helps you implement and proven, state–of–the-art technologies to achieve your specific business objectives. PCS has also setup back office operations (BPO) to undertake the Data processing, migration & entry jobs.
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Products and Services

Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity helps in managing your IT department in a very organised and structured way. It helps to both streamline and simplify your asset tracking needs. It helps in closing the loop between all the departments that offer your service. Through its alerts and reminders the asset tracking and management software and app helps in tracking, assigning, servicing, maintaining and discarding assets in a manner that is both easier and simpler than before.
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