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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
PebblePost invented Programmatic Direct MailTM to transform real-time online activity into personalized, dynamically rendered direct mail, every day. PebblePost’s Programmatic Direct Mail platform delivers the world’s first real-time tools for direct mail, including segmentation, campaign management, analytics and optimization. PebblePost combines the efficiency of intent data with the effectiveness of direct mail to achieve higher response and conversion rates for greater ROI. PebblePost is a venture-backed company based in NYC.
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Products and Services

Programmatic Direct Mail

Programmatic Direct Mail® was invented by PebblePost to transform real-time online interest and intent into dynamically rendered, personalized direct mail — Programmatic Postcard™ and Programmatic Catalog™ — delivered into a postal hub within 12–24 hours, every day.
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