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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Company Overview
SearchSpring is an enterprise-level, relevancy platform focused on driving conversions, lifetime value and customer engagement by providing the most relevant results, across all devices and platforms, every time.
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Products and Services

Searchspring Personalization

The Searchspring Ecommerce Personalization Suite helps shoppers at all points of their journey. From product discovery to post-purchase communication, Searchspring helps curate the most engaging shopper experience possible through Personalized Recommendations, Personalized Search and Merchandising, and more.
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SearchSpring Relevancy Platform

SearchSpring is advanced site search with relevant category navigation, powered by a sophisticated learning system that gets smarter and more relevant as customers use the site. The solution delivers the most relevant products and content to shoppers across the customer journey, driving drastically increased conversion rates, AOV, and customer lifetime value.
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