Personalized Recommendations

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Personalized Recommendations enable marketers to segment visitors and then deliver personalized messages of the 'next best product' or 'next best content' within containers on your website.

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AntVoice provides a 360° and predictive recommendation engine which analyzes the behavior of your visitors, in real time, to offer them a customized selection of products or contents.
Attribute Enrichment is a solution that improves online product catalog quality using deep learning and machine vision, both forms of AI. Attribute Enrichment combines raw product catalog data with buyers’ behavioral clickstream data across touchpoin...
  Compare is an eCommerce tool that brands use to serve a personalized list of products for online shoppers. The tool, acquired by Netcore in 2019, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict what each visitor is likely to buy next usi...
LoginPress is one of the best Custom Login Page Customizer that will help you to create a WordPress custom login page without any coding skills.
Deliver contextually relevant product recommendations across all touchpoints with a pre-built library of 150+ strategies. liminate cold starts. Make use of explicit and implicit data inputs — including browsing and purchase behavior, product attribut...
The Searchspring Ecommerce Personalization Suite helps shoppers at all points of their journey. From product discovery to post-purchase communication, Searchspring helps curate the most engaging shopper experience possible through Personalized Recomm...
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