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Portland, Oregon, United States
Company Overview
Smarsh helps organizations get ahead – and stay ahead – of the risk within their electronic communications. With innovative capture, archiving and monitoring solutions that extend across the industry’s widest breadth of channels, customers can leverage the productivity benefits of email, social media, mobile/text messaging, instant messaging/collaboration, websites and voice while efficiently strengthening their compliance and e-discovery initiatives.  
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Products and Services

Enterprise Archive

Enterprise Archive is an extensible, context-aware cloud archive designed for the go-forward needs of global organizations. The Smarsh Enterprise Archive positions your business for the future. It uses modern, web-scale technologies to ingest, search and export content orders of magnitude faster than legacy archives. All of your content is retained in full conversational context, helping you to reduce costs and increase productivity with the industry’s most effective and efficient review experience. The Enterprise Archive is built to scale as your data volume grows, with no impact to platform performance. It can be hosted on your choice of leading cloud infrastructures almost anywhere in the world and is fully enabled to feed downstream applications for enhanced analytics, surveillance and business insights.
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Professional Archive

The Professional Archive is the industry-leading, comprehensive and user-friendly compliance platform from Smarsh. Inclusive of capture, archive, supervision and e-discovery capabilities across 80+ communication channels, the Professional Archive will deliver unparalleled efficiency at your organization. A single pane of glass solution, the Professional Archive empowers you to efficiently review and search all of your electronic communications in one place. Support for new channels is continually being added, so your organization can implement innovative communication and collaboration technologies and stay ahead of regulatory change.
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