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Westlake Village, California, United States
Company Overview
SmartSoft provides desktop and enterprise-level software for postal address correction, postal discounts, mail tracking, and print workflow management to the United States and Canada.
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Products and Services

AccuMail Frameworks

AccuMail Frameworks is an email address verification solution. It validates, corrects and standardizes addresses at point of entry and in batch mode, and cuts waste with advanced duplicate detection technology.
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AccuMail Verify

The AccuMail Verify API allows you to integrate the power of our point of entry, real-time address verification service into your applications. Available in both REST and SOAP interfaces, this address verification API deploys rapidly and prevents inaccurate or incomplete data from entering your systems. CASS Certified for accuracy by the USPS, the AccuMail Verify API makes sure that each address entered is validated before it enters your database. Addresses are standardized and elements such as the ZIP + 4 and the County Code added.
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Frameworks Canada

Frameworks Canada is SERP Recognized for Address Accuracy by Canada Post. Frameworks Canada Validates, corrects and standardizes Canadian postal addresses using Point of Call Data from Canada Post
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MailSpotter lets you view the progress of your mailings as they pass through the postal system, making use of the Intelligent Mail barcode (either Full-Service or Basic IMb works). MailSpotter takes raw scan data from the USPS as your mail passes through postal facilities across the nation and turns it into easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables, putting valuable real-time tracking information at your fingertips.
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Presswise is an end-to-end print MIS & Workflow Solution. PressWise was designed as an alternative to purchasing independent modules (or custom development) of Web-to-Print, Print Production Workflow Management, Print MIS, and Mail Preparation Software. Now a single end-to-end system is available with the comprehensive tools needed to streamline your business.
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SmartAddresser 5 is the mailing software that puts unparalleled power and control at your fingertips. From CASS Certified™ address verification and advanced deduplication technology, to powerful PAVE™ Certified Presorting and Job Scripting capabilities, there has never been an all-in-one solution to match it.
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