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Houston, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Toonimo offers a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to showcase the key features of their websites by acting as a pathfinder to site visitors. Using customized rich content and natural language, website visitors are intelligently guided by delivering assistance at the right time. This generates an increase in website usability, encourages self-service, increases conversion rates, and increases engagement with site visitors. Driven by an intelligent decision engine, the platform helps fulfill the purpose of a website – to better service visitors.
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Products and Services


Toonimo offers a digital walkthrough platform designed to better engage online visitors. The SaaS service employs an overlay of human voice and graphical coaches that serves to improve user experience and provide personalized guidance. The platform extends an in-store service-oriented approach by using a real human voice that has the ability to construct sentences and guide users through online processes including onboarding, training, online shopping, e-learning, bill paying, customer support, and more.
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