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Tools in this category enable the easy addition of on-screen help for new site visitors. These tools simplify the creation of overlays, clickable "help" boxes, mouse-over pop-ups and other navigational aids.


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Appcues enables product designers and developers to create guided tutorials for website visitors. The tool is purpose-built for quickly and easily getting new users registered for an app, subscription or web-based platform.
Hopscotch adds guided tours to web pages, advancing site visitors through a tour of the site or product. Hopscotch is the product of a Linkedin incubator program, developed and released by a Linkedin Software Engineer and a UX Designer.
Merlin Guides is a full set of tools for Salesforce that reduce mistakes, increase adoption and decrease training times. With Merlin Guides it take minutes to create guides and requires no special skills or knowledge. As soon as the guide is done, it...
By Pendo
Pendo is a data driven platform for product engagement that enables companies to improve on boarding, understand product usage and help retain customers. Pendo combines enterprise guidance and user insights to enable product teams to understand and i...
Toonimo offers a digital walkthrough platform designed to better engage online visitors. The SaaS service employs an overlay of human voice and graphical coaches that serves to improve user experience and provide personalized guidance. The platform e...
By Walkme
Walk Me enables any web designer to include instant, interactive on-screen tutorials on their websites. Powered by the unique patented "Element Identification Algorithm," Walk Me is highly reliable, customizable, and designed to improve user experien...
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