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Upstream Commerce

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Upstream Commerce is a leading solution for pricing and product intelligence, helping users to proactively adjust pricing to the most appropriate levels for market conditions. Its tool runs 24-7, collecting, normalizing, analyzing, and reporting on product pricing and related factors.
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Products and Services

Advanced Trending

Advanced Trending synchronizes relevant historical information, collates the important business metrics, uncovers the essential trends (that can then be exploited for comprehensive and effective management of products), and, in addition, helps clients visualize the outcomes of pricing automation.
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Assortment Intelligence

With the Assortment Intelligence tool users can continuously enhance the assortment and optimize the product mix. Even when the catalog includes hundreds of thousands of items, this tool will select products objectively and more efficiently.
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Business Scenario Manager

Business Scenario Manager allows users to implement specific, individual business scenarios in pricing and assortment intelligence. By modeling the scenarios, users can eliminate many of the barriers for adoption and accelerate the use of retail intelligence.
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Lifecycle Intelligence

The Lifecycle Intelligence solution enables users to leverage historical competitive information to uncover important trends that may affect – or even govern – the way they manage their product lifecycle. Use competitive historical information as a benchmark, to assess the effectiveness of pricing and practices and to set concrete targets for greater success.
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MAP Monitor

MAP Monitor let users know of Minimum Advertised Price violations on a daily or weekly basis, in a simple, clear report that can be distributed to each category manager. Monitor competitors' compliance with MAP, and document violations you can show to your vendors.
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Predictive & Dynamic Pricing

Predictive & Dynamic Pricing is a science-based pricing optimization software that enables ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers to expertly create a competitive, “winning” pricing strategy that is critical for success. By utilizing the services, companies will take the lead and restore eroding margins, drive loyalty, guarantee long-term revenue and maintain a competitive price image.
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Pricing Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence Software is used to track, compare and analyze competitive insights. By using the tool users can obtain recommendations for optimizing pricing, based on real-time competitive data. This highly configurable solution provides users with the most accurate and detailed information, and helps users develop the best possible competitive pricing strategy
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