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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Launched in 2007 by the founder of, Videology has grown to be one of the leading TV and video advertising technology companies. Videology's software and services enable advertisers to manage, measure and optimize digital video and TV advertising for the best results. Videology was acquired by Amobee in 2018.
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Products and Services

Activation Engine

Videology’s Activation Engine allows marketers and advertisers to onboard data across screens for seamless management, easy activation and maximum results, providing one central location for API data integration, server-to-server feeds, revenue tracking, and warehouse storage of campaign data for first and third party sources.
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Campaign Engine

Videology Campaign Engine is a video ad platform that allows advertisers to load campaign creative for full campaign planning and execution, optimize the campaign based on client goals, and generate customized reporting that allows advertisers to learn from each campaign and use those insights to make better decisions in the future.
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Revenue Engine

Videology’s Revenue Engine platform provides revenue analytics and scenario planning tools. The platform is designed to maximize the value of inventory and audiences, as well as creating seamless access to demand sources through private marketplaces.
 Powered by advanced decisioning technology, Videology's Revenue Engine is designed to deliver strong results across online video and TV. The platform provides marketers demand access, control, insights, and ease to maximize the value of inventory and audiences.
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