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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Company Overview
Wildbit is a Philadelphia-based software company specializing in web products that help the enterprise build, review and deploy code. The company also offers Postmark for transactional email delivery & troubleshooting.
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Products and Services


Beanstalk by Wildbit is a platform for hosted version control and deployments. It provides a complete workflow to write, review and deploy code. Its features include the capacity to deploy to multiple servers simultaneously, nightly backups to your own AWS S3 account and built-in IP restrictions and access records.
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Postmark is an email service that makes it easy to send time-sensitive transactional emails, such as password resets, license keys, account confirmations, and other emails that you need to deliver fast. Postmark handles IP reputation, blacklists, feedback loops, reverse DNS, and all of the other low level protocols for you, so you can be confident everything is configured correctly to ensure the highest levels of security and deliverability.
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