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Triggered emails are prompted, automatically, by specific actions taken by website visitors. Transactional email is a type of email sent to facilitate an agreed-upon transaction between the sender and the recipient. Transactional emails typically contain information a recipient wants or needs and consequently have very high open rates.
Source: SendGrid


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The 4Cite platform allows you to identify more customers and engage them in real time in order to increase revenue. 4Cite's triggered emails contain personalized messages and offers that influence purchasing and foster brand loyalty. The platform use...
By Aritic
Aritic Mail is a transactional email platform that ensures immediate email delivery for transactional notifications. While every other email can wait, it is important to send transactional emails with zero delays. Aritic Mail ensures on-time delivery...
Automated Marketing Assistant is a email marketing automation solution that enables users to auto-generate client letters and emails based on triggers.
Closing Commander is a tool for automated follow-up communications with customers who are still deciding about working with you. All email is sent from your actual GSuite company email account or email address (more systems supported soon!)...
Intercom Engage is an automation solution that enables organizations to send targeted outbound messages to increase adoption, onboard customers and drive action. Intercom Engage also enables customers to communicate with prospects and customers every...
  Compare streamlines email targeting for companies that want to reach specific users.
By Drip
Drip is a lightweight email marketing automation platform. Sales and marketing teams can send an interested consumer a series of personalized emails based on a purchase, a recurring charge, or any number of actions. Drip also helps identify the most ...
Dyspatch is an email production platform that helps Enterprise organizations create and change transactional and triggered emails faster, by centralizing template creation, approval, and publishing processes. The powerful API, visual editor, and buil...
EmailHooks provides dynamic email templates triggered by Stripe events.
By Emma
Emma Plus is an advanced Event-triggered API with an intuitive workflow builder for targeted email campaigns based on customer behavior. With Emma Plus, you can react swiftly to every email open or click, abandoned shopping carts, website clicks and ...
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