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Burlington, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Drawing on a wealth of experience and intellectual property, developed and earned through over a decade of experience in the Sales Enablement space, Xinn is a brand-new Sales Enablement platform, built from scratch, to address the needs of the B2B Enterprise. Its purpose is to significantly elevate our clients’ ability to win and retain more business. Xinn not only automates presentations and collateral, but enables digital engagement, and allows perfect targeting of content to what customers and prospects want.
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Xinn is a sales enablement platform that helps teams automate the production of Client Reports, Pitchbooks, Fact Sheets and collateral. Utilize templates, integrate media, personalize content, populate with data from third-party sources, and even drag-and-drop with Microsoft Office. Create content personalized to your audience with far less time and effort, on the fly.
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Marketing Function Automation, Channel Marketing, Customer Engagement and Retention, Integration, Metrics and Insights, Productivity