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Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Company Overview
Zycus is a leading global provider of procurement solution suites across the Source-to-Pay cycle. Our product portfolio includes applications for strategic procurement, such as Spend Analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Financial Savings Management, Project Management, and Request Management as well as operational procurement applications like eProcurement and eInvoicing. Our spirit of innovation and passion to help procurement create greater business impact is reflected in the hundreds of procurement solution deployments we have undertaken over the years. We are proud to have as our clients some of the best-of-breed companies across verticals such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Banking, Finance and more.
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Products and Services

eInvoicing Software

Zycus eInvoicing software extends efficiency gains through the entire procure-to-pay process by enabling effective, easy and economical invoice management irrespective of your business scale. Zycus e-Invoicing software enables suppliers to transmit electronic invoices and automates receiving and invoice-matching processes for both PO and non-PO based invoices. Incoming invoices are matched automatically to requisitions and POs, approved by the right stakeholders, saved per audit requirements, and configured per global regulations. This ensures fast, error-free, and paperless invoice process with global compliance at the click of a button.
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Electronic Invoice Capture Software

Zycus procure-to-pay electronic Invoice Capture software helps you to centralize receipt of invoices and advanced shipment notifications (ASNs) from multiple sources. The module accepts trading documents from EDI, cXML, email, scanned images, and more. It also provides alerts and configurable summaries of pending requests.
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eProcurement Software

Zycus eProcurement software offers a new way to achieve compliance to preferred buying, where the platform itself guides users towards the right purchasing paths based on its intelligent self-learning engine. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence technology, the Zycus platform guides shoppers seamlessly to best-value purchasing decisions and delivers an unrivaled consumer-like shopping experience with natural language search to drive adoption without sacrificing crucial corporate controls on spending. Zycus eProcurement software seamlessly integrates Catalog Management, Requisition and Approval Workflow, and Purchase Order Management with other procurement functions, yielding superior performance across the entire Source-to-Settle spectrum.
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iContract is contract management software that helps you create a smart contract warehouse and simplifies writing and negotiating complex contracts.
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Invoice Matching and Workflow Management Software

Zycus Touchless Invoice Processing software ensures fast document matching and workflow management capabilities to streamline invoice handling from receipt through payment. Automated settings ensure that the invoices are either matched or routed for approval per internal guidelines and then forwarded automatically for payment.
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iRequest is Request Management Software that provides you with request specific form creation and hierarchal workflow approvals enabling you to collaborate easily.
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iSave is financial savings management software. It helps you to track your savings and collaborate better by providing function-specific views into individual projects and associated savings, mapping forecasted savings to budgets, offering a financial savings generator, and tracking savings across multiple parameters like business divisions, time, savings type and impact type.
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iSource is a robust strategic sourcing module. The solution is capable of handling 10,000+ line items and 100+ suppliers which allows its customers to conduct simple to highly complex sourcing events.
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Procure-to-Pay Suite

Zycus Procure-to-Pay software is a next-generation suite featuring patented Guided Procurement System (GPS) technology that ensures consistent and accurate buying decisions. Powerful — yet, easy to use — features create a simple and intuitive shopping experience with high visibility into product and supplier details.
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Project Management Software

Zycus' Project Management software delivers an intuitive platform to create, track and monitor projects to increase visibility and compliance.
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Purchase Order Management Software

Zycus Purchase Order Management software rapidly and easily manages the complete PO life-cycle, from creation through approval and delivery to suppliers. Create POs directly from requisitions for catalog, punchout, and non-catalog items and services, and support both standard and blanket-type orders.
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Requisition Processing Software

Zycus Requisition Processing guides the people creating requisitions to the right suppliers, at the right prices, using defined and controlled buying and payment channels. Combining an Amazon-like user interface with Google-like search supports high user adoption and streamlines buying throughout your corporate organization.
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Source-to-Pay Suite

Source-to-Pay is a procurement software suite comprised of modules for both the upstream and the downstream parts of the Source-to-Pay cycle.
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Spend Analysis Software

Zycus Spend Analysis Software helps to classify spending and track fluctuating commodity prices.
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Strategic Sourcing

Zycus' Strategic Sourcing suite is a procurement solution covering spend analysis, e-sourcing, contract management, supplier management, request management, project management and financial savings management.
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Supplier Management Software

Zycus' Supplier Management Software helps automate all aspects of supplier performance and information management.
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Supplier Network

Zycus Supplier Network provides your organization with a simple yet effective way to carry out business with your suppliers or buyers.
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