Demand Planning

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Demand Planning tools support overall supply chain functions by providing accurate and automatic forecasting of demand of physical tools. Integrating wth ERPs, Demand Planning tools may include options for finite capacity planning and may be able to forecast within specific time periods. 

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E2open’s unified platform strategy and deep integration experience allow you to quickly connect all underlying transactional systems (internal and even partner ecosystems). The platform enables you to extract and cleanse data to make it decision-grad...
Optimiza is supply chain demand planning software enabling dynamic multi-level forecasting by product, geographic and channel hierarchies. Forecast accuracy highlighting the most significant win to the business.
Traditional demand planning relies mostly on transactional data, creating latency between customer needs and supplier reactions. So understanding demand and updating supply in a fast-changing environment means incorporating new data sources. Social l...
VMI Replenishment produces reliable and robust daily forecasts using comprehensive, highly automated, and self-adaptive statistical modeling. It uniquely models demand for each “Ship To” Location and operates on a daily level with a real calendar und...
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