Reviews 09/14/2016

Jordan Crook (@jordanrcrook) writes in TechCrunch:

Today, Engagio is introducing a new product into the mix called PlayMaker.

Marketers (and sales teams) can work together to coordinate their efforts toward securing a corporate account. In many cases, there are more than a handful of people on a certain marketing/sales team that are pitching to another large team of people. PlayMaker allows everyone on the team to build out tasks (emails, handwritten notes, gift baskets, social media outreach, etc.) and then track those tasks as they are completed.

It also automates a good deal of the process. Users can build templates for certain emails, personalize them, and schedule them to go out to the right person at the right time.

And beyond that, Engagio’s PlayMaker hooks into the email server of its users so the whole team can see when they’ve gotten a response. This ensures that no one doubles up on various tasks and that users understand to stop the next round of outreach and move on from trying to get a response to securing the deal.

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