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San Mateo, California, United States
Company Overview
Engagio provides Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Account Based Sales automation solutions designed to engage target accounts. The company San Mateo, California company is on a mission to encourage "Account Based Everything," pioneering a fundamentally different approach to reach out to named accounts and targets with relevant, personalized messages.
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Products and Services


Engagio is an "Account Based Everything" platform for B2B marketers designed to engage key accounts, strengthen customer relationships, and align sales and marketing initiatives. Engagio integrates with Salesforce and Marketo for a powerful marketing toolset. How? Engagio's account-based platform complements existing marketing automation platforms with account-centric analytics and the ability to orchestrate outbound interactions across departments and channels.
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Playmaker Launch

Engagio launches PlayMaker to turn B2B marketing insights into action items.

Engagio Launches Playmaker to Turn B2B marketing insights into action items

Today, Engagio is introducing a new product into the mix called PlayMaker.

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