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Reviews 02/18/2018

BRISTOL, UK & BOSTON, MA – FEBRUARY 19, 2018: BlueVenn, the leading multi-channel Customer Data Platform provider, today announces a range of full-service data marketing solutions and services to complement its customer analytics and campaign management technology.

These new services give organizations with limited skills or resources the ability to build, manage and execute data-driven marketing strategies and campaigns. Crucially for modern brands, it enables more effective and consistent communications with their customers.

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform is best known for its ability to create a Single Customer View, using customers’ online and offline interactions, along with the analytics and insight tools to target customers at an individual level through online and offline campaigns.

Many organizations see this move to one-to-one personalized marketing as necessary, but also understand it requires a risky or costly transformation in skillsets, knowledge, culture and data. BlueVenn provides a team of trained experts that enable brands to make this transformation and hit the ground running from day one, without the worry of additional investments in skills or resource.

Speaking about the offering, BlueVenn President Curt Bloom said, “The marketing press is awash with stories about the data analytics and data preparation skills gap. Yet while many organizations want to move from ‘batch and blast’ mentalities to one-to-one engagement strategies, they don’t have the technology, skills or resources to make the transformation. With our new end-to-end service, it enables all organizations, irrespective of skills and resource, to transform their marketing.”

The expanded portfolio of services follows BlueVenn’s acquisition of LEAP Media Solutions at the start of the year, and the integration of LEAP’s skills and expertise at running the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform as a service for its clients.

BlueVenn’s integrated services come in a number of different models. This includes a ‘Do It For Me (DIFM)’ approach, incorporating the full end-to-end breadth of LEAP’s customer intelligence, audience growth and creative expertise. Alternatively, a ‘Do It With Me (DIWM)’ option means that organizations can lean on BlueVenn to provide the necessary skills in data analytics and customer journey management only where needed. These flexible packages are able to adapt as in-house capabilities grow, meaning the opportunity for long-term collaboration.

You can now get full information about the new range of BlueVenn services on the website at

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn provide multi-channel campaign management software to over 400 clients across the world, enabling marketing teams to quickly and easily analyze their customers, executing campaigns and customer journeys across all available channels.

As a Customer Data Platform, the BlueVenn browser-based tool collects, structures and analyzes infinite data sources into a Single Customer View. This empowers everyday marketers to orchestrate real-time, personalized, multi-channel customer journeys and campaigns.

BlueVenn has headquarters in the US and the UK, serving clients across 15 countries. For more information, visit