BlueVenn Marketing Platform
Reviews 03/06/2018

Bristol, UK, & Boston, MA. 07 March, 2018: BlueVenn, the original multi-channel Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, today announces its data partnership with FullContact, a leader in identity resolution and customer intelligence.

This partnership enables users of the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to append records in their Single Customer View database, enriching customer profiles with valuable social, demographic and behavioral data, to further enhance and personalize customer experiences.

FullContact’s patented identity graph and powerful APIs deliver a holistic view of existing customers and prospects, leveraging social data from around 100 networks, and third-party data from trusted providers, turning small fragments of customer information into fully formed profiles.

This increased intelligence enables better insights, deeper relationships and optimized marketing strategies. BlueVenn’s powerful Customer Data Platform then empowers marketers to orchestrate multi-channel, real-time journeys and campaigns across offline and online channels.

“This data partnership with FullContact enables our users to discover far more about their customers’ preferences and behaviors,” says Steve Klin, BlueVenn CEO. “This lets marketers use the BlueVenn platform to further optimize campaigns and create more engaging customer experiences. For many of our clients, it will allow them to learn much more about millions of potential prospects, and this could be business changing.”

“We’re excited to partner with BlueVenn because of what it means for customers,” said Scott Axcell, VP of Marketing at FullContact. “Combining our identity resolution with their Customer Data Platform will do even more to enable marketers to build deeper, more authentic relationships with their customers. Users will gain accurate, up-to-date intelligence that ultimately improves outreach and shortens sales cycles.”

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About FullContact, Inc.

Founded in 2010, FullContact Inc. offers industry-leading Customer Intelligence APIs which enable companies to unlock the benefits of understanding their customers and prospects holistically. For more information about achieving enrichment with the highest levels of data quality and security, please visit

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn provide multi-channel campaign management software to over 400 clients across the world, enabling marketing teams to quickly and easily analyze their customers, executing campaigns and customer journeys across all available channels.

As a Customer Data Platform, the BlueVenn browser-based tool collects, structures and analyzes infinite data sources into a Single Customer View. This empowers everyday marketers to orchestrate real-time, personalized, multi-channel customer journeys and campaigns.

BlueVenn has headquarters in the US and the UK, serving clients across 15 countries. For more information, visit