BlueVenn Marketing Platform
Reviews 04/18/2018

Bristol, UK and Boston, MA. April 19, 2018: BlueVenn, the first and only Customer Data Platform (CDP) with integrated multi-channel marketing automation, is proud to announce its status as a General Technology Partner for Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation. This partnership enables Magento users to unify all of their online and offline data into a Single Customer View, with access to a central marketing automation platform for initiating analytics, decisions and building multi-channel campaigns.

The BlueVenn CDP brings together powerful customer data, including transaction history and product inventories, combining them with third-party demographics, CRM data, legacy databases and channel execution tools. This capability helps marketers connect the dots between their e-commerce and brick and mortar stores by linking identities from offline campaign and transaction data to individuals in their customer database to enriched customer profiles.

With BlueVenn, Magento Commerce users can act quickly on their data, uncovering valuable insights, launching targeted campaigns across all their channels, and serve personalized, real-time digital offers and web content to online store visitors.

The Magento General Technology status is recognition that connecting with BlueVenn can offer huge value to multichannel retailers, using increased customer intelligence to orchestrate one-to-one, multi-channel marketing communications.

“In a tough climate that has recently seen a lot of big name retailers hit the headlines with poor results, it is more important than ever for them to transform their marketing strategies and start connecting offline and online experiences,” says BlueVenn Marketing Director Anthony Botibol.

“By connecting Magento Commerce and BlueVenn, our clients are able to identify who is loyal and engaged, how well offline initiatives affect web traffic, which channels are most profitable, which products to promote in order to drive up-sell or repeat purchases, and much more.

“As a Customer Data Platform for Magento Commerce with integrated marketing automation tools, marketers can access and analyze their data in great depth, and activate this data for multi-channel engagements.”

“BlueVenn is a global leader in Customer Data Platforms, and we are pleased to welcome them as General Technology Partner,” said Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development at Magento Commerce. “We brought BlueVenn to deepen their Magento product integrations and help merchants develop a deeper understanding of their customers.”

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn is the only multi-channel technology vendor to provide a complete data-driven marketing automation solution. It enables marketing teams to analyze their customers rapidly, executing campaigns and customer journeys across all available touchpoints.

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform collects, structures and analyzes infinite data sources into a Single Customer View, empowers everyday marketers with a foundation of reliable data orchestrate real-time, personalized, relevant customer engagements.

BlueVenn has headquarters in the US and the UK, serving clients across 15 countries. For more information, visit