Creative Management Platform (CMP)

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A Creative Management Platform (CMP) is a cloud-based platform that allows marketing teams to create, distribute, and measure the performance of digital advertising.
Source: Bannerflow

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Adzymic is a creative management platform that transforms display advertising into high-performing native advertising by turning HTML 5 banners into content ad units. Media agencies and advertisers can use Adzymic to create ads with no design or codi...
By Celtra
Celtra is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) where creative and marketing teams collaborate to design and deliver digital campaigns across the ever growing number of channels, ad formats, variations, and markets.
Bidalgo Creative Center is a set of advanced tools purpose-built for supercharging creative production and analysis, at scale. It helps online marketers optimize both workflows and results throughout the entire creative lifecycle, from before the ass...
Creative Management Platform enables marketers to make their marketing organization more efficient by streamlining production and workflow. Thunder offers a WYSIWYG editor, removing the need for coding. Build ads together so they work as a unit, and ...
Mediawide offers an end-to-end Creative Management Platform that allows brands to use contextual content while talking to their customers. This platform can be applied across media from print and web to direct personalized videos and enables brands, ...
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